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Jyrki “Spider” Hämäläinen

Don’t put this in the article, but…

At an art gallery opening

Graduated with a a 2:1 from BA(Hons) in Media and Popular Culture from Leeds Metropolitan University and studied MA Cultural and Critical Studies at Birkbeck University of London.

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Spinefarm sponsored trip to cover Volbeat in Berlin back in 2013.

Life and times of a Spider

Experienced Writer

Former full time editor for Finnish weekly tabloid magazine Seiska. One of Finland’s biggest publications.

Written the first ever biography of post-punk pioneers Killing Joke.

Localised content for the Google News Initiative project whom I also work for as a lead coach and moderator.

Been a freelance journalist since 2005.

Regularly contributing to established music magazines such as Vive Le Rock, Louder than War and in the past Big Cheese, Loud Fast Rules and Rumba to mention a few.

Written press releases for artists such as Anzi Destruction.

Worked as a techincal writer for Miradore for half a year. Responsible for keeping their Knowledge Base up to date. Previously worked in the same role for Kempower.

One of the writers of “Those 12 Bar Nights” about the now defunct the Bar 12 Club.

Media Professional

Media graduate with over 5 years experience as working as a shift librarian as well as an ingest operator and a transmission controller in a demanding broadcasting environment.

Worked as a news organiser and assistant for a busy weekday evening news team.

Also conducted video interviews from MPs to rock stars. Both for live television as well as recorded content. Scroll down for an example.


Worked as a concert promoter in London under the banner Spiderweb Promotions.

Marketing coordinator for All Things Live promoting concerts for rock and metal acts such as Wolfmother and Steve Hackett (Genesis).

Also a keen cyclist interviewed for Yle. (The Finnish Public Service Media Company)

Film/Documentary Buff

Volunteered and worked for the Leeds and Bradford International Film Festivals along with the Leeds Film Quarter where I also worked as a co-ordinator.

In 2007 when I worked as a venue and volunteer coordinator at Helsinki International Film Festival before moving to London.

Since then I’ve composed music for various independent feature and short films. Along with Hazel Talks podcast.

Finnish subtitles provided for “Punks Against Sweatshops” documentary film.

Worked on an upcoming Legends of Punk Vol.3: Varukers video release. Feel free to request a sample clip from the unreleased 30 min doc.

Dropbox collection of articles through the years


Published 2nd November 2020 on New Haven Publishing

Available from:

Signed copies (dedicated on request) straight from the author 25€/£25 + postage.

Purchase signed copy via Big Cartel

New Haven Publishing

Amazon / Amazon Kindle edition

Waterstones (UK) / Foyles (UK)

Barnes & Noble (US) / Walmart (US) / Target (US)

CDON / Adlibris (Finland / Sweden / Norway)

Do note that the book should be available from all good online retailers. (click here to see the book’s website and further links [updated regularly])

“Killing Joke: Are You Receiving” page on Facebook


“Esittelyssä bändihistoriikki Killing Joke: Are you Receiving?” Porvoo Main Library, Finland (20/1/2021) [interview in Finnish] [Itäväylä online article regarding the event – in Finnish – 19/1/2021]

“Tietokirjailijavieraana Jyrki “Spider” Hämäläinen” (YouTube) / (mp4) – Turku Main Library, Finland (15/3/2022) [interview in Finnish]

Cover features

Read the full Vive Le Rock articleRead the full Seiska article

Click here to see my old Seiska profile and see links to some of the online content I created for the magazine.

Who is this mad hatter?

Left Finland to pursue my dreams in the UK and spent nearly a decade there working in media in various roles as well as a music journalist and concert promoter.

Played in punk bands and traveled the world. Few half decent records along the way.

10 page Killing Joke cover feature is something I’m extremely proud of. It was the biggest piece ever on the band and also the first issue of Vive Le Rock to completely sell out.

Returned to Finland to work as a full time editor for weekly Seiska. Introduced new topics to the publication such as Esports.

Also composed music for award winning independent films such as Devi Snively’s Trippin

Notable musicians I’ve interviewed: Alice Cooper, Johnny Rotten (Sex Pistols / Public Image Limited), Jah Wobble (Public Image Limited / Invaders of Heart), Jaz Coleman (Killing Joke), Martin “Youth” Glover (Killing Joke / the Fireman / Paul McCartney), Michael Poulsen (Volbeat), Keith Levene (the Clash), Julio Iglesias, Peter Hook (Joy Division/New Order), Lee Rocker (Strays Cats) and Remu Aaltonen (Hurriganes)

Interviewed a wealth of Finnish celebrities during my time in Seiska including the likes of Sari Havas, Martti Suosalo, Baba Lybeck, Jorma Uotinen and hockey players such as Jari Kurri, Aleksander Barkov and Patrik Laine.

  • Interview given for Finnish Itäväylä newspaper regarding the career in journalism in early 2021.
  • Finnish Wikipedia entry.
  • Don’t hesitate to get in touch regarding possible job opportunities!

Have you enjoyed my work? You can buy me a coffee if you wish.


“Jyrki is an extremely reliable and competent writer who has completed numerous large features for both Big Cheese and Vive Le Rock magazines. “

– Eugene Butcher, Publisher/Editor of Vive Le Rock

“Jyrki is one of my authors for his book Killing Joke: Are You Receiving? He has been a pleasure to work with, his English and writing skills are exceptional and he has a good work ethic and keeps his deadlines. Recommend him highly”

– Teddie Dahlin, Director of New Haven Publishing Ltd

” I managed and mentored Jyrki as he was working for the #1 gossipmag Seiska. Jyrki has a great attitude no matter the job given. He’sa laid-back guy and gets along with various kinds of people. Toplad! “

– Mikko Niimes, Managing Editor of Seiska

“Jyrki is a smart and creative journalist. He has interviewed artists I represent and every article published has been of the highest quality – informative, well written and entertaining . Also when I have worked with Jyrki I have found him extremely pleasant and professional. Jyrki is an extremely reliable and competent writer who has completed numerous large features for both Big Cheese and Vive Le Rock magazines. “

– Matt Reynolds, Savage Gringo PR

” Jyrki Hämäläinen is an extremely committed and enthusiastic individual. His journalism work/portfolio is broad and energetic ranging from comments and criticism to interviews and coverage. He has shown knowledge and experience of cultures and film theory from around the world and confidently debated and criticised world cinema within the festival team.”

– Adam Graham, ANT Creative

“I worked with Jyrki in a top Finnish magazine called Seiska. He has very professional approach to his work. He has a lot of knowledge and was always eager to learn more. Jyrki was very much liked within our work community. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jyrki for any job he applies for in the future!”

– Milla Pakarinen, Graphic Designer of Seiska.

More recommendations on the LinkedIn profile.
Teaser trailer for the book “Killing Joke: Are You Receiving?”
Click here for the website.


Finnish subtitles for “Punks Against Sweatshops” documentary.

Video interview example



Encompass Digital Media (2008-2013)
Media Librarian / Ingest Operator / Transmission Controller

Russia Today UK (2018)
News Organiser / News Assistant (Bill Dod‘s news bulletin)

Click here to check out the 35 song sampler CD of soundtrack music done with Juha Kataja. Different styles ranging from 70’s disco to electronica and heavy metal. Includes track listing and additional info in Finnish.

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